January 18th, 2009


The Cold Continues

But I'll Live

Not the worst head cold, but annoying because (1) I keep alternating between being too hot and being too cold and (2) the four-hour OTC medicines, including the cough medicine and Real Criminal Sudafed, are not lasting their full four hours, but I don't want to over-medicate. So I guess I'm really sick.

The Streak Continues

I can never root for any team. Yesterday I napped through the Hope-Calvin rivalry game and Hope College lost. Today I napped through the Philadelphia-Arizona NFC Conference Championship -- and the Eagles lost. Ruins my 2009 dream of an all East Coast Rustbelt Super Bowl. Now watching Pittsburgh battle Baltimore. This time I'm not all that worried. True, I've relatives on both sides from Pittsburgh, so a Steelers' win would be good. But if the Ravens win, surely we'll get to see a Super Bowl cake on Ace of Cakes, don't you think? (grin)

Tiny Steps

Sometimes when I have a cold I can curl up with a good book and read. But my eyes are sore, and reading is not any fun. It's not like I haven't done anything. I sent out two packages to relatives yesterday. Posted the solution to Friday's in-class quizzes on my class websites. Updated a few other things. Not so much writing.

What good is a cold when you're not really good for anything?

The Snow Globe Continues

Partly because of sheltering and accumulations, there is one heaping pile of snow out on the back deck -- a good three-foot mound. Driveway is about a foot deep. John will bring the giant John Deere front end loader by in the morning and dig us out. I guess last week he made a lot of money helping move snow out of parking lots in downtown Grand Rapids. A lot of places have run out of places to put snow. And lord knows that they've got a big chunk of WMU Lot 61 built up with too much snow. Not optimistic that there'll be good parking this week. (grin)

But it sure it pretty out there with all the clean white frosting on the trees...

Dr. Phil
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