January 19th, 2009


I Can Haz Sick Day?

Three Days Is Apparently Not Enough

Okay, this cold is officially annoying. Woke up to the phase where great green gobs of crud start coming out. Which you'd think would be the end game, but not quite. Worse, I tried to nap in a chair wrapped in a blanket and two quilts a couple of hours ago -- and kept shivering.

That's it. No classes for me tomorrow.


Dr. Phil is Canceling Classes Tuesday 20 January 2009 Because He Is Still Sick

I had hoped that three days over the weekend would be enough for this cold, but when
one is shivering while wrapped up in two quilts and a fleece blanket -- you're sick!
Since a number of people, especially for the Noon class, have expressed interest in seeing
the Inauguration on Tuesday, I am going to cancel all my PHYS-2070 and PHYS-1150 classes.
Quiz 4 will be handed out on WEDNESDAY. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Other Things

Power glitched a while ago. It did that at 3am on Saturday, too. Don't think it's our wiring, but not enough for the generator to come on. Trees near our lines were cut previously. Usually this time of year the power glitches either because someone slid off the road and hit a power pole or snow covered trees took out a line.

Bright blue sky and sun -- hurts my poor little watery eyes. But the plowed driveway looks nice. That's it, I'm tired.

Dr. Phil
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Panels At ConFusion

After Many Attempts...

I finally got a readable copy of the preliminary Programming for Cryptic ConFusion this weekend, 23-25 January 2009, in Troy MI. Assuming that I don't die of this cold this week (grin), I am scheduled on three panels and a reading!

Friday, January 23
9:00 PM
Dennison III - Writers and Artists of the Future
(1 hr.) Jim Hines [M], Al Bogdan and Philip Edward Kaldon. Participants talk about the experience, was it a good thing or irrelevant to their career? What are Scientologists really like up close?

Saturday, January 24
11:00 AM
Salon E - Did Captain Kirk own a wallet?
(1 hr.) Cory Doctorow, Tobias Buckell [M], Philip Edward Kaldon, Paul Melko and Matthew Stewart-Fulton.
Economics and SF how has science fiction has portrayed economics of the future over the years how have things changed, what are some of the enduring themes?

Board Room - A reading with Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon
physicist and science fiction writer (1 hr.)

Sunday, January 25
Dennison I/II - Gadgeteering
Cory Doctorow, David Rozian, Merrie Haskell, Philip Edward Kaldon and Freon. Creating gadgets in SCIENCE fiction.

As I've commented before, ConFusion is a great conference and the Troy Marriott has been an excellent host hotel the last couple of years. Including the year we got blizzarded in and we had to stay an extra night. (grin)

Dr. Phil