January 28th, 2009


Were They The Really Good Days?

A Convoluted Route

This is a nice essay! Found while going through catvalente's LJ, after hearing about Jim C. Hines and Catherynne M. Valente giving the Writing Workshop at this year's Penguicon.

Whew. Anyway, the essay is about an America which doesn't exist anymore in the Rustbelts of Ohio and Detroit and the seacoasts of Maine, except in the minds of an older generation. And, especially in some of the comments, about how the younger generations have to make their own America with their own expectations.

You know, Penguicon used to be just a couple of weeks after ConFusion, and traveling across the state in February is not an inviting prospect, after doing it in January. But if Penguicon 7.0 is in early May -- and WisCon is already sold out of the main hotel -- maybe I should plan on some Linux and SF conning... Wil Wheaton and Spider Robinson are amongst the GoH's.

Dr. Phil