February 1st, 2009


It's The Big Game

It's Puppy Bowl V

Yes, it's 3pm EST and we are still avoiding NBC until the Super Bowl actually starts, so it's Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl! And Kitty Halftime Show.

How can you not like puppies?

Dr. Phil

Country Is Angry

NPR, PBS, Merlot, James Taylor, Judi Dench, Gary Trudeau...

There's a good chance that a lot of the small number of readers of this blog are, to some people, a bunch of elite liberals. Or at least SF/F/H writers and readers. (grin) But I think you might concede not a natural fan base of country music.

So I thought I'd tell you of something brewing locally in country music, which I think is going to come as a surprise to some people.

Capturing The Anger

There's a new country song called Shutin Down Detroit. The refrain: “In the real world, they’re shuttin’ Detroit down/While the boss man takes his bonus and jets on out of town.”

This Week In America

The song came out on Tuesday. Also we heard of $18B in bonuses by Merill-Lynch paid before Bank of America bought M-L with bailout money -- and some M-L employees are bitching about the size of their bonuses, in a year when M-L lost about as much as Exxon-Mobil announced in profits. Which was $45B. Scalped from Americans when they unnecessarily paid $4+ per gallon gasoline. And the Republicans didn't find any votes for a Stimulus bill, because only tax cuts can create jobs -- and we know how well that works.

I tell you, there are a whole lotta pissed off people in the country and I don't think some in business or politics have a clue.

Dr. Phil


Twas A Decent Game

Super Bowl XLIII is now history and the Pittsburgh Steelers have beaten the Arizona Cardinals 27-23. Now both sides of my family are from the Pittsburgh area, so the Steelers are one of "my" teams. But more importantly it was a good game. Could've been tied and been the first overtime Super Bowl, but the Steelers had a double toe-tapping TD with 35 seconds to go.

Even better the Steelers intercepted the ball and number 92 ran coast-to-coast 100 yards for a TD as time expired at the end of the first half. Of course the score and game were close, so the Cardinals has some good stuff, but this isn't a freakin' fair minded sports report.

Game Over

Wandered away from the continuing endless coverage. Currently watching Amy Sedaris on C-SPAN Book Notes. It's from 5/20/2006. Why? Because the next speaker is John Updike, who just died.

Life, as they say, goes on.

Dr. Phil