February 9th, 2009


Scream! (Silence)

So There I Was, Minding My Business This Morning...

Using the No. 1 computer at work when the No. 2 APS Back-UPS 500 suddenly screamed it's alert and the No. 2 work computer shut off. Oh, damn? Guess that Uninteruptable Power Supply unit has reached the end of its useful life. I'm not sure how old the two UPS units are, but there's no point in trying to do the battery replacement option -- too expensive and I'd still have old UPS units. They date back several offices, which mean they're probably from 1998-99. That's ten years, which is pretty good for a lead acid battery backup device.

There's Always Good News

First, though I'd logged into NT4 on the No. 2 work computer, I hadn't yet done any work yet. So nothing was lost. Second, The ViewSonic VG510b LCD display is on the No. 1 UPS, so it didn't go out. Third, I was able to retrieve the power cord for the No. 2 work computer and plug it into a spare socket in another surge protector -- and I am back in business. Fourth, there's Amazon.com. (grin)

Now yesterday I was at Circuit City's Going Out of Business sale, and while standing in line, saw an array of APC UPS units -- but I didn't need one. Yet. (grin) Good news, is that I can get Amazon to do the heavy lifting of the new unit up to the point of the department office. (double-heavy-grin) These suckers are heavy! Looked at the 1350 W and 1500 W units, but they're more than I need, and they won't fit on the available desk slot. Still, might as well replace both ancient 500 W units, so I ordered an 800 W unit. It'll be here Wednesday.

Oh, And Early Adopters?

All you who bought Kindles from Amazon last year? Kindle 2 coming out shortly -- it uses a "free" 3G network, not Wi-Fi. Looks much more practical.

Dr. Phil