March 4th, 2009


Some Pictures

What Else Is The Internet For?

Here's a picture of our kitties -- from the bottom and clockwise: Bagel, Blue and Sam. Looks like Mrs. Dr. Phil took this shot last night. Right after I got up from my chair, all three jumped into the warm seat and heaped together. They're 16 years old and littermates. They've slept in a heap of ones and twos and threes all their lives. They're really very nice cats, but don't tell them. They're spoiled enough as it is.

Twenty-Five Plus Years Ago

Way back in the dark ages, before my beard turned gray, it was dark and red. Mrs. Dr. Phil has had this picture on her desk for A Long Time. I'm sure we have the negative somewhere, but today we can scan the print. I corrected it, removing several levels of red and one of blue, and brightened it a tad, but didn't mess with the contrast. This was taken around 1983 in Champaign IL on a cold gray day when we were wandering about. Mrs. Dr. Phil was in library school at UofI. The hat and parka came from an Army/Navy surplus store in Evanston IL. The camera is my first Nikon F3 and I still wore my Northwestern class ring with the purple stone. (grin)

Contrast that with this shot from ConFusion in January 2009. (double-grin)

But I'm still not old -- I'm still a kid. And I haven't shaved since Friday 1 May 1981.

Dr. Phil