March 8th, 2009


WOTF Volume XXIV Finally Shipping?

A Change In Status

Thanks to j_cheney who spotted this: is listing Writers of the Future, Volume XXIV as IN STOCK.

Yes, I know that we were talking about this back in August 2008, but wide release of the anthology was much delayed. Recently we heard that "March 2009" was the new target date -- and if is listing it as IN STOCK, then I think we have finally achieved a real release date. And Powell's lists in stock with 25 copies, ships in 1-3 days. And

Plus you can check your local purveyor of fine SF/F books. In my case, that would be Schuler's Books, whose online site still says Special Order. Haven't been to any of their Grand Rapids stores in a few weeks. Admittedly Grand Rapids won't help many of you find a book. (grin) But they only charge a buck for shipping online.

The Most Excellent First Story in the Anthology

Of course from my point of view, "A Man in the Moon" by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon is the featured first story. (grin)

The Other Also Most Excellent Stories in the Anthology

Besides getting to meet the other authors in Volume XXIV, I've been so impressed with the quality of the stories in this collection. But I note that most of the online sites list L. Ron Hubbard as Author and Algis Budrys as Editor -- and I'm not seeing a Table of Contents or listing of the WOTF Volume XXIV short stories, authors and illustrators. So I am rectifying that:

Writers of the Future Volume XXIV Table of Stories
  • "A Man in the Moon" by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon
    illustrated by William Ruhlig
  • "Bitter Dreams" by Ian McHugh (Gold Prize Winner)
    illustrated by Robert J. Hall, Jr
  • "Taking a Mile" by J. Kathleen Cheney
    illustrated by James Galindo
  • "Crown of Thorns" by Sonia Helbig
    illustrated by William Ruhlig
  • "Hangar Queen" by Patrick Lundrigan
    illustrated by Robert Castillo
  • "Snakes and Ladders" by Paula R. Stiles
    illustrated by Gustavo Bollinger
  • "Epiphany" by Laura Bradley Rede
    illustrated by Alexandra D. Szweryn
  • "Cruciger" by Erin Cashier
    illustrated by Stephen R. Stanley
  • "Circuit" by J.D. Everyhope
    illustrated by Brittany J. Jackson (Gold Prize Winner)
  • "A War Bird in the Belly of the Mouse" by David Parish-Whittaker
    illustrated by Sean Kibbe
  • "Simulacrum's Children" by Sarah L. Edwards
    illustrated by Kyle Phillips
  • "The Bird Reader's Granddaughter" by Kim A. Gillett
    illustrated by Ilya Shkipin
  • "The Girl Who Whispered Beauty" by Al Bogdan
    illustrated by Stephen Knox

corrected 3-8-09

Anyway, for all of you who have been waiting to read this anthology -- it's coming now. Enjoy.

Dr. Phil