April 5th, 2009


Another Professional Writing Milestone

Doing Taxes

Have done Phase I (the usual job and home stuff) and Phase II (Dr. Phil's writing business) in TurboTax Deluxe. Just Phase III (State) to do. We've been using TurboTax since we bought the house. Every year it's slightly different, but every year it imports the previous year's return so we have categories for all the same charitable deductions and business expenses, etc., which is a huge time saver.

I Made Money in 2008

With two big pro sales paid in 2008, "A Man in the Moon" to WOTF XXIV and "The Brother on the Shelf" to Analog, and expenses for postage and two cons, ConFusion in January 2008 and WindyCon in November 2008, I actually made a profit of $159 on my short story writing for 2008. According to my Schedule C.


Time For The Big Time

So I guess I got to get serious about getting my novel projects going and start earning those "big author bucks". (sn*rt) It's not to late to make some money for 2009. (grin) There's even a few payments which were made since January 1st, so I've already had 2009 writing income.

Is this the fun part? Are we having fun yet?

Dr. Phil