April 26th, 2009


The Aprils of 2009

Spring Blew In The Other Day

High winds. Friday it suddenly warmed up. Not just the 70s they promised we'd finally see, but one thermometer on the drive home hit 86deg. Friday night and all of Saturday the winds picked up, gusting and gusting. And rains hit. Though it was cooler on Saturday, it took a long time for Friday's heat to dissipate inside, especially when we had to close all the windows due to the torrential rains.

It's Grading Weekend

Meanwhile I am up to my eyeballs in science literacy book reports to grade. One of my three finals came back from the grader on Friday, so that's one thing I don't have to try to do on Monday.

Dr. Phil

Fix My Coke, Please!

The Cruelest Joke

I doubt many will argue that one of the boneheadest marketing blunders of all time was the introduction of New Coke in 1985. Some 77 days later Coca-Cola Classic came out and all was made better. Except... this time everyone switched over from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup. Is this the source of obesity in America? Or was it the growth of overgrown portions? Or both?

Who cares? I've tasted cane sugar Coke since this, it's available from Mexico and for Passover, and frankly I think it's better. Bring back Real Coke. Hell, I've said this before -- call it Coke Premium and charge extra for it. The die-hard Coca-Cola fans will buy it. Really.

Pepsi Beats Them To It

Yesterday I saw a TV commercial for Pepsi Throwback. While Mrs. Dr. Phil mocked the name as "Pepsi Throw-up", the key point is that they are going (briefly) back to their cane sugar formula. Alas, Pepsi Throwback is a limited release product, slated to end on Saturday 13 June 2009. Perhaps we'll see how it sells. But a few weeks isn't long enough to see if it affects obesity and diabetes.

The Ball Is Back In Coke's Court

Coke Legacy anyone? Come on, bring it on!

Dr. Phil