April 30th, 2009


How Many Cubits Of Wood Do You Have On Hand?

End of Day Two

The 2009 Great Heating and Cooling Project continues, but is not finished. See, even the other day the weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursday was clear or at least partly sunny. Instead, the heavy rains came back. "Rain starting about noon," said last night's forecast, but later added, "rain after dawn..." Um, which is it, sparky? Let's go with the Rain All Day scenario, apparently.

Plenty of work for a whole day of banging and clanging, though. The kitties are a little frazzled, since all this was going on next door to their room. Probably ruined a whole day of busy sleeping.

Heat pump refrigerant does not like water, so my heating & cooling guy decided to come tomorrow and do the fill in the absence of heavy rain. Good call, I say. But that means the new thermostat controller will have to be rewired tomorrow, as the primary heat source is moved from furnace to heat pump. Since we didn't have the heat pump. Can't the controller just figure that out? Shouldn't this be a menu choice, just in case -- oh let's go out on a limb here -- the heat pump or the furnace should fail?

Can't We Just Have An ON Button?

We're used to just bumping the thermostat up or down at various times of the day. It is going to take some time to adjust to some sort of smart controller. There are times, however, when all we want is a menu choice that shifts to an idiot screen -- HOT ON, COOL ON, EVERYTHING OFF -- and leave it at that.


Dr. Phil