May 6th, 2009


We Have Tickets

For Star Trek in IMAX

It's Blockbuster movie season here in May 2009. Couldn't go see Wolverine over the weekend because I had Penguicon, but I'm surprised/annoyed that the reviews are disappointing. Seems they might've forgotten either a plot or the humor which made the first X-Men movie so enjoyable.

But what does it say about the state of affairs that this morning I decided to see if there were tickets online for the first 7pm show on Thursday for the IMAX version of Star Trek... and there were? Don't the kids today know you're supposed to flood the first showing?

I tell you, sometimes I weep for the future of our culture.

On The Other Hand

I noticed that Burger King has Star Trek glasses. Good Lord, that took me back to the heady days of when Star Wars and its two sequels ruled the Earth. Didn't everybody have Star Wars glasses? (grin)

Dr. Phil