May 9th, 2009


Price Hikes And Spikes

The Post Office Loves Your Mother

Kind of nice for the USPS to raise the First Class postal rates from 42cents for the first ounce to 44cents on Monday 11 May 2009. This means you could've mailed your Mother's Day card to your mother without having it come back for Insufficient Postage or sent on Postage Due.

Aw-www. Sweet of them.

The Post Office Hates Your Mother

Leave it to the USPS to be mean to your Mother and stick her with the postal rate increase for sending out Thank You missives on Monday 11 May 2009. Whatta cheap shot. Why couldn't they have waited until the day after Father's Day? NO way would a guy, even a sentimental old codger getting cute cards with Golf and Dad's Tools jokes, bother to send a Thank You.

Actually, I am a big fan of the United States Postal Service. We have a pretty decent little Post Office in Allendale and mostly pretty excellent service. Can't even say that rates are outrageous, considering what the private companies charge.

I do object to the one USPS press release a while back that talked about "their annual" "once-a-year" price hike. It doesn't have to be annual, though costs have risen and advertising mailings have dropped, and frankly they did come in with a stealth price hike for Priority Mail in January.

Heading Towards Memorial Day

In other pricing news... After a couple of months of calm in the local price of gasoline, mainly around and below $2/gallon for regular, gas has suddenly spiked up a bit. Last week gas started at $2.07.9/gal, jumped to $2.27.9/gal and today was $2.33.9/gal. Sigh. Jump the prices up for Memorial Day weekend driving. Or... in a more conspiratorial way we've seen in the last year or so, jack the prices up high and peaking the week before Memorial Day and then "lowering" prices for the holiday weekend, albeit at a rate still much higher than just a few weeks earlier.

Oh yeah, Exxon/Mobil, we're on to your sneaky little price hiking, mongo profiting ways. My prediction? Gas will be around $3/gal in ten days.

For no good reason.

Dr. Phil