May 28th, 2009


On The Media Roll...

Big Box Arrives

FedEx dropped off a very heavy box on our porch today. Poor Mrs. Dr. Phil had to lug it inside, since she was home while I was off teaching.

It's the kit of promotional materials in support of the wider distribution release of the Writers of the Future Volume XXIV anthology, with Dr. Phil's "A Man in the Moon" as the first story.

There are CDs and DVDs of photos and videos and video press releases from the WOTF XXIV Event, bookmarks, advertising fliers for book signings, etc. And a lotta copies of the anthology. Whee! Haven't had time yet to check out the picture CDs, but I'll let you know.

In addition to many fine bookstores everywhere and some big chain stores, WOTF XXIV is also available online via Galaxy Press and Or...

A Special Offer

Since I have a pile of books now, the first two people who post a comment to this entry requesting a free copy, signed by me, will get one. Don't put your snail mail address in the posting -- no point in making it easy for the Nigerian Ministry of Oil people -- I'll let you know if you've won and how to get an address to me. (grin)

And if you miss out, I'll probably do another offer or contest another day. (big-grin)

Dr. Phil