June 2nd, 2009


Let's Be Careful Out There

GMail Hacking

There's some sort of bastard viro-trojan-stupid e-mail going around that manages to send a message from your Gmail account to your entire contact list -- and then deletes the contact list.

(1) If you use Gmail, go and export your Contact list so you have a backup.

Click on Contacts on the left side of the Gmail screen, select All Contacts, then there's an Export tab at the top right of the contacts.

(2) I was able to save someone, because the spam e-mail (which talks about this great electronics site in order to get you to click on the link) had their entire contact list in the Send list. I just copied it, pasted it into a Wordpad file, then e-mailed it back.

(3) Sons of bitches bastards assholes! I HATE freaks who think they have a right to fuck with anyone else's machine and data and livelihood.

Thank you for your time and you're welcome.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: It's 14:23 EDT and I'm giving my Physics class Exam 2 -- can't connect to Gmail or Google right now.
UPDATE: Problem eventually resolved itself. Coincidence? Or Conspiracy? You be the judge! (grin)

9 Guidelines Update

My Story In Greek From Last Year

Back in November I found out that my story "The Uranium Age" had been published in Greek by Εννέα (Nine). At the time I only had rough guidelines via nihilistic_kid Nick Mamatas. But today I received an e-mail from Εννέα with new guidelines:

Dear SF writers,

Despite the international economic crisis we decided to move our Comics & SF supplement, the "9" magazine, from Wednesday to Saturday, a day with much bigger (almost double) printrun and better sales. We also added 16 more pages (from 32 to 48). So now we need longer SF stories. Stories from 3.500 words up to 5.500 words.

We would be obliged if you could "spread" the following submission guidelines to your fellow writers any way possible.

Looking forward to read your stories

Best regards

Angelos Mastorakis
Chief Editor of "9"
The Comics & SF magazine

Well, yessir! Longer stories? I can do that! (grin)


"9" is a weekly Comics & Science Fiction supplement (50 pages, full colour) of ELEFTHEROTYPIA, a major Greek daily newspaper (print run 100.000). Every week we publish an SF story 3.500 to 5.500 words long. We publish only Science Fiction, not Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery or Horror. We are always interested in good stories, whether published before or not. Not counting the Greek SF stories, we have already published stories written by famous American, Australian, Austrian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Canadian, Croatian, Cuban, English, French, German, Italian, Serbian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Rumanian authors.

LANGUAGE: We accept stories in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Serbocroatian.

RATES: for the one-time non exclusive publication rights (first Greek language serial rights) plus the first option for a possible future anthology = 0,03 EURO (3 EURO cents - approximately 4 US cents) per word. We pay after publication. We keep the exclusive Greek translation rights. (That means if you sell your story again in Greece and the second publishers use our translation they have to pay us otherwise they will have to use a new translation) Of course if we decide to include your story in an anthology we make a specific agreement.

CONTRACT: We do not (REPEAT-WE DO NOT) make contracts. To make one contract every week is too much paperwork for us. We do not have time, we have to meet a 50 page deadline every week (52 times a year)!

PAYMENT: We send you an invoice by e-mail that you have to fill, print, sign and send back to us by ordinary mail. (BEWARE: As we cover for you a 20% state tax the amount mentioned on the invoice is not the amount that you are going to receive - it is your fee plus the 20% tax rounded to the nearest 5 EURO amount). In 4-6 weeks we transfer the money in a bank account that you specify. (Unfortunately we had to discontinue the payments by personal cheque). We send you also 3 complimentary copies.

SUBMISSIONS: .RTF or .DOC files by e-mail to ennea.sf@enet.gr (BEWARE: This is a new e-mail account created especially for submissions). Also disposable typewritten or word-processed manuscripts (with your name address & e-mail, on one side of paper, with numbered pages, indented paragraphs, enough spacing between lines and wide margins) to the following address:

GR 117 43 ATHENS

NOTICE: A short biography and the following facts about the story must be included in your submission (when it was written, first publication data, any awards, etc.)

We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your submission. Do not send submissions by recorded delivery or registered post.

By submitting a story you agree for its publication under the abovementioned conditions

You're welcome.

Dr. Phil