June 4th, 2009


They've Got Us Surrounded!

During The Winter...

They began marking up the tilted and broken concrete panels in the plaza/sidewalk between Everett Tower (my office) and Rood Hall (lecture halls and labs). At the time, I kind of hoped they wouldn't do all the work at once, because you'd have to go a long ways around Everett to get around the other side, because only one side of the building has any entrances.

Part I

This morning, as I walked in from the parking lot, there was a great deal of noise and diesel exhaust. They were tearing apart part of the plaza. Lifting up pieces of concrete with the bucket and dropping ker-thunk! into a dump truck. I'm sure the people with offices on that side delighted with each resounding ker-thunk!.

Part II

Before I headed to class, I saw a whole lotta Physics people standing in the 2nd floor walkway between Everett and Rood, looking north. They were maneuvering the backhoe around and backing up a dump truck over some fairly new concrete. I hoped they weren't going to crack the new 'crete. (grin)

But more importantly, we wondered how we would get out. Well, as you can see, they left half of one concrete tile alone, so you could slide around the big hole in the ground.

I go away for one day -- no classes on Wednesday for me for Summer-I -- and all hell breaks loose.

Dr. Phil

We Have Bagels!

I Come Home From My Long Commute...

And we have bagels!

Mrs. Dr. Phil had a new bagel recipe -- and said she hadn't made bagels since high school, but here they are. They're rye bagels. Nice flavor, perfect texture.

Of course, what do you have with bagels? Well, in the case of this Bagel, you have Sam!


Dr. Phil