June 17th, 2009


School -- The Good And The Bad

Real School

Tuesday was Exam 3 in my PHYS-1070 class. Next Tuesday is the Final Exam. Summer sessions -- seven and a half weeks in and out and gone. Don't blink or get sick or break up with your dog, because there isn't time.

May and June goes fast this way, but I love doing this.

Faux School

Got this e-mail today. Decided to copy it, typos and bizarre use of diacritic marks and all, rather than delete it. I did decide not to quote the header, with the Geocities e-mail address (Geocities? sn*cker) with one name in the tag and a completely different name in the e-mail address, plus the university e-mail addresses it was spammed to. Why give this idiot the business?

Subject: Business Admin-Degree

No Exams/Books/Tests/Interview/classes
100% No Pre-School qualificatïon requirëd!

Inside USA: 1-646-xxx-xxxx
0utside USA: +1-646-xxx-xxxx

Bacheelor, Degree, MasteeerMBA, PhD]) (non acçredited) available in the Fie|d of your choice so you can even become a dooctor and receive All the beenefits That comes with it!

Please lëave beloww 3 Info in Voîcemáil:

1) Yóur name
2) Your country
3) Yôur phone no. [please include Coµntrycode]

Call Now!! 24-hours a day, 7-Days a Week waiting For your call

Inside USA: 1-646-xxx-xxxx
0uutside USA: +1-646-xxx-xxxx

Our Staff will get back to You in 1-3 workingg days

If this degree is non-accredited, then what benefits (beenefits?) could possibly come with it? If you are waiting for my call 24/7, then why is it going into voicemail hell and you'll get back to me in a coupla days? I want that diploma mill PhD like now!

And why would I want to deal with either someone this illiterate or a scam trying to avoid the spam filters by using tons of odd spellings? Idiots.

There -- I feel better now.

Dr. Phil