June 24th, 2009


A Numbers Game

So Far This Week

Monday was the first full day of summer here in West Michigan and suddenly we had temps high in the 90s. Wow, heat. First real tests of our new central air conditioning -- Mrs. Dr. Phil is thrilled and wonders why it took seventeen years to get it. Well, we're cheap. What can I say? (grin)

Gas today was down to $2.60.9 to $2.65.9 per gallon for regular -- that's a drop of 30 to 35 cents over the last two weeks or so.

The big rains the other day is going to cost Ottawa County $4.3 million for fixing road damage -- some of the washed out sections will take six months to repair. Private damage in the county is $2.2 million and rising. No estimate on farm damage yet, though a lot of blueberries were knocked off by the storm.

Gave the Final Exam in PHYS-1070 today. It's all over except for the grading and the screaming. A game of numbers, indeed.

Never Enough

Fresh strawberry shortcake.

Dr. Phil

Another New Story From Down Under

Now Arriving Andromeda Spaceways Flight #39

The second of two issues of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine with Dr. Phil stories arrived in the P.O. Box. My short story "In The Blink Of An Eye" appears in ASIM Issue #39.

Quick -- Turn To Page 61 And Start Reading!

A Murder Mystery Where There Is No Body... Yet
    "So where’s the body?" Cooper asked as they got into the armored police cruiser. "I’d like to see it before you give me any case details."
    "We can’t show you."
    "You don’t have the body?"
    "No, sir. We have the body. We just can’t show you yet."
    "Detective -- you’re starting to annoy me."
    "Sorry, sir..."
    "And stop this sir crap. That’s equally annoying."
    "Sorry, Dr. Cooper."
    The other detective, Bates, finally spoke. "It’ll be much clearer at HQ than the crime scene, Dr. Cooper."
    "Just Cooper will do. We all work for the same side," Cooper said. "Now why can’t you show me the dead man?"
    "Because he’s not dead yet."
    Cooper nearly got angry. "Then how do you know with such certainty he’s going to be murdered?"
    "Because he’s sealed in a stasis tube -- along with the speeding bullet which is aimed directly towards his brain."
    Stan Cooper blinked twice without speaking.
    "And the murderer is your old pal, Seth Caputo."
    Now Cooper was interested.

You interested, too? I have a subscription, so I just got my copy -- even here in the U.S. You can get a six-issue subscription, too, which is a helluva deal especially if you ask that it begin backdated to include my stories in both issues #38 and #39. But you can also order single issues and PDF versions. See http://www.andromedaspaceways.com/ for details. Note: Issue #38 is current available in both print and PDF, though not long for the latter. The PDF version of Issue #39 will be available "soon".


Dr. Phil