July 20th, 2009


A Man On The M0000000000(x4)N

That Fabulous 60s Show


. Gemini

. . Apollo 1 (RIP)

. . . Apollo 7

. . . . Apollo 8

. . . . .Apollo 9

. . . . . . Apollo 10

Apollo 11

Forty years ago tonight, raise a glass to commemorate Michael Collins -- the loneliest man in the universe. Riding Columbia, the Apollo 11 Command Module, as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the Lunar Module Eagle to Tranquility Base and history. Charlie Duke***, surrounded by Mission Control, sitting as CapCom -- the only voice allowed to talk to the crew a quarter of a million miles away...

I was there. I was ten at the time. I was there, Walter Cronkite was there. Everyone I knew was there.

Watching Moonshot on History Channel -- a mix of actual footage and re-enactments. And some speculation, as they said, for when the cameras were not rolling.

We came in peace, for all mankind.

Dr. Phil

Odd thought I've had for a long time -- does anyone else think that Neil Armstrong looked like Dave Bowman?

*** Charlie Duke handled the landing. After a shift change, just before the moonwalk, Bruce McCandless took over as CapCom.