August 28th, 2009


The Finnish SF Scene

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As many of you know, in 2003 Mrs. Dr. Phil was invited to a library automation conference in Helsinki, Finland, and we took the opportunity to spend a week in Finland (and enough time for lunch in Tallinn, Estonia) -- and we really want to be able to go back. Finncon is a pretty big event, and as part of the arts, is free -- and we'd like to go to that, too. Lots of Finns speak better English than a lot of Americans and they invite English-speaking authors as GoH's, too.

worldsf worldsf's Journal is a blog connected with the publication of The Apex Book of World SF from Apex Books. The other day they ran a link to a blog about Finnish SF fandom, which I've added to my Blogger Dashboard. Already I've read a cool history of Animecon by Jussi Nikander, including that it will end its run with Finncon in the future. (sigh)

Ender In Tampere
For years there have been stories of Orson Scott Card's seminal SF novel Ender's Game being made into a movie, but it never happens. A theatre in Tampere, Finland, may be trumping them all by doing Ender as a play.
Legioonateatteri, an indie theater group from Tampere, is performing a play based on Ender’s Game. The play ENDER—kuolleiden puolustaja (“Ender, speaker for the dead”) will, despite the peculiar naming, be based on the first Ender book. The première will be on September 6 at Legioonateatteri in Nekala, Tampere.

Mystinen tieteisnäytelmä Ender pohjaa Orson Scott Cardin science-fiktion kulttiklassikkoon Enders game, ja se nähdään nyt ensimmäistä kertaa teatterilavalla uusissa Legioonateatterin tiloissa, Nekalassa.

Mystical science fiction drama Ender Orson Scott Card's base of science-fiction cult classic Enders game, and it is now seen as the first theater on the stage in the new premises Legioonateatterin, Nekalassa. (Google translation) From the theatre's website.

Very cool -- and sorry I'll miss it, even if it's in Finnish. Hey, I've been to Italian, French, etc. operas... (grin)

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