September 2nd, 2009


Scummy E-Mail Of The Week

Amidst The Tons Of Dreck and Crap

Which arrives daily in my email, most of which fortunately gets picked up by the spam filters, a few messages really stand out. I have no idea what this scam is about, but it's pretty hilarious:

Let Us Count The Ways...

... that this is a stupid email.

(1) Why would I be getting a prize announcement from a medical school student (or faculty or staff) at another U.S. university?

(2) If you use the £ pound sign, why would you use GBP (Great Britain Pounds) as well? It's either £750,000.00 or 750,000.00GBP.

(3) Bad grammar: "and a £750,000.00GBP."

(4) What kind of a contest/prize system DOESN'T MENTION WHO IS GIVING AWAY THE PRIZE? The med school student?

(5) What kind of deep pockets does this person/organization have, to give away multiple big prizes? There were two, three dozen names in the Send To list.

(6) What kind of moron would put all these prize winners email addresses in ONE email?

(7) Are we really to believe a prize offer from someone whose last name is GRAFT?

But The Best Part

... is the signature line, "Electronic Mail is not secure, may not be read every day, and should not be used for urgent or sensitive issues."

Well golly gee, Batman, why are you handing out BMW's and three-quarters of a million quid via email?

The Internets -- they are so dumb sometimes.

Dr. Phil

PS - Apologies to any real Courtney Grafts out there in the Real World. I know my email name gets used in vain by scammers and idiots, so someone out there is probably cursing me for no good reason, too.