September 5th, 2009


You Can Find SF Writers In The Darnedest Places

Six Nights A Week

Most of the time we watch Jeopardy! at 7:30pm. This week they were running the 2009 Tournament of Champions this week -- a rerun actually, including some episodes we missed the first time. One of the contestants was Larissa, a grad student from UC Berkeley, who we remembered as calmly delivering great performances. On Thursday's show, it was mentioned that Larissa was a published author -- a science fiction short story.


A quick lookup at Wikipedia showed that Larissa Kelly was incredibly successful in the regular show -- third all-time money winner and first amongst women competitors. The article also included a link to her SF short story "Engines of Survival" in Strange Horizons, a pro market.

Since I started writing a lot of short stories in 2002, I've been reading a lot of short SF/F fiction. And while I am meeting a lot of authors, there are plenty who are just names on a page. What's funny here, is that when I read "Engines of Survival" I could hear Larissa's voice. Interesting, because that doesn't always happen even with authors I know personally.

Anyway, it's a nice story -- both the SF and the Jeopardy!. (grin)

Dr. Phil