September 21st, 2009


No! No! A Thousand Times No!

(a) I Have A Permanent LiveJournal Account

I do this because I want to. Because I like this. Because I want to talk to my friends. Because I want to talk about my SF writing.

And now LJ wants me to sully my blog? With ads?

I thought one of the points of having a Permanent Account is so that LJ doesn't stick ads up on my LiveJournal.

(b) No, I Shall Not Be Availing Of This Money Making Opportunity

If I want to let you know about something, I will let you know about something. Like yesterday's review of Writers of the Future Volume XXV.

Or that for a very limited time more, you can still buy a PDF of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue #39 with my SF story "In The Blink Of An Eye". (I just got the hardcopy of Issue #40 the other day, so the PDF offer will expire Real Soon Now.)

But I'm not putting up Google AdSense ads.

Absolutely positively NO.

You're welcome.

Dr. Phil
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