September 30th, 2009


Microsoft -- You Need To Convince A Lot Of People

The Lamest Windows Campaign Ever?

Two weeks ago I ragged on Microsoft's ads for Windows 7 which featured this little girl cutting and pasting blurbs about Windows 7 into pictures with animals. Well, there are now at least three versions of this ad. All have different animal graphics. And all HAVE THE SAME SET OF PRO-WINDOWS 7 BLURBS.

Come on, Microsoft. For crying out loud, your new OS is coming out in just a few weeks. And all you've done for the last few weeks is try to convince me that Windows 7 is a great OS for toddlers. This is your great marketing plan? For this you want me to abandon Windows XP Pro? Dream on.

Fire your advertising company and fire the middle-management layer that approved this crap.

Or are you telling me that Windows 7 is so lame and so flawed, that you can't even figure out how to sell it? After all, you had the silly Windows Mojave (equals Vista) ads where people went gah-gah over computers that didn't even do anything for them.

Do you remember why we bought computers in the first place? I don't know about anyone else, but I do work on them. My work. NOT your work. So you're damned OS better work. But you're not convincing me about this new Windows. Really, you're not.

Those Mac Ads

The Mac & PC ads? Those ads are so kicking Microsoft's butt from one end of the country to another. Even people I know who would never buy a Mac find them funny. And there are a LOT of them. Typically I see about 2 or 3 in rotation at any given time. Like right now, I've seen (1) PC in a Mac guy suit and telling the person to buy a PC instead, (2) the one with the suave Top Of The Line PC who tells the lady to call, "when you're ready to compromise", and (3) the one with the bubble wrap and the cupholders. Cupholders! Not only was that a joke in the hey-day of the minivan and the SUV, but a staple joke of the IT tech support world is about the cupholder (CD tray) in the PC not working right.

Those Other Windows Ads

The campaign about You Find It, We'll Buy It? You know, a lot of people will compromise on what they'll buy if someone is in the parking lot willing to give them cash to buy what they want them to buy. Smooth move. I'd get a Vista laptop if someone else was paying for it. Of course I might put a Virtual PC or VMware on it so I can run Windows XP Professional. Because if it was MY machine after YOU bought it, why I'd be able to run anything I want in order get some work done.

But giving people money to buy your own machines doesn't seem like a sustainable business model.

Me? I'm not very excited about the Windows 7 future.


Dr. Phil