October 7th, 2009


Blustering Rattling BLUSTERING

Usually This Kind Of Windy Night...

... happens in the wintertime. There'd be hours of horizontal snow and we could imagine a big drift forming in front of the garage door. But it's about 52°F outside and not 12°F, and it's raining not snowing. But we're definitely getting 30-40 mph with some gusts expected to get up to 60 mph. October has dawned cool and after a September filled with sunshine, we've had a lot of gray and rainy days.

Hopefully we won't lose (m)any shingles from the roof tonight.

Can't Win For Losing

So gas prices dropped nearly a dime over the course of the weekend and on Monday, regular was $2.38.9. But I didn't need gas on Monday, I needed it on Tuesday morning. And I had a 5¢/gal discount slip from the grocery store. So naturally gas was up 7¢/gal to $2.45.9. Dammit -- too often the discount slips get me almost back to where gas had been, rather than giving me a lower price than before. I mean, okay, better to get 5¢/gal off of any price, but it never quite works out for me. (grin)

Did We Just Have The Best Play-Off Game?

So by last weekend, all but one of the Major League Baseball division and wild card winners had been chosen. But the AL Central was still a contest as the Detroit Tigers managed to keep blowing the lead they had in games. All the way to Saturday when they let the Minnesota Twins tie them. And Sunday both the Twins won and the Tigers won. And we're off to a one-game playoff.

Sunday could've been the last baseball game played in the Minneapolis Metrodome. But no, they had to changeover to play Monday Night Football with Brett Favre against the Green Bay Packers -- Vikings won -- and then change back to baseball in time for Tuesday's 4-ish CDT start.

I didn't watch or listen to the whole game, but had it on during part of the drive home and passed by it on the TV a couple of times. Tigers were up 3-1 in the 3rd, but eventually it was tied up 5-all after nine innings. Oh boy, extra value baseball.*** They took it to the 12th inning, where the Twinkies prevailed 6-5. So Tuesday's one-game playoff won't be the last baseball game played in the Metrodome either.

Congratulations, Minneapolis, you get to go to New York and play the Yankees.

Dr. Phil

*** -- I love extra value baseball. My idea of an ideal World Series is to go into the seventh game and go 22-23 innings. Long enough that there's not a single hot dog or bag of peanuts left in the park, that the vendors can just sit on the stairs and watch the rest of the game because they've sold everything and it doesn't get decided until 3 or 4 in the morning and the next day half the country is bleary-eyed from staying up all night. Man, it wouldn't get any better than that. I wouldn't care who won at that point or whether the score was 1-0 or 21-20. Maybe a second baseman could be the winning pitcher. (huge grin) All Out Baseball -- There's No Tomorrow. (triple-play-grin)