October 21st, 2009


Bad Numbers


Tuesday I tanked up the 1996 Blazer. Regular gas was $2.59.9/gal. It's been at that price for about a week or more. Today I was driving around town and gas was $2.75.9 and $2.76.9 per gallon for regular. WTF? Once again, gas prices have no relationship to anything going on in the world.

Nothing new here, I guess. Nothing to see, move on, move on. Bend over and pay the man.

Exam 2 Next Week?

WMU began Fall Semester after Labor Day -- and Labor Day in the U.S. came as late as it could be in the calendar. Unfortunately, not only do they want us to post mid-term grades this year, they also wanted us to post first-grades. And the posting cutoff dates to the Registrar's grade system were such that I had to move up my exams by about a week compared to the same class in Fall 2008.

Then there Tuesday's class. Only maybe half the students were there. I commented on this at the end to a couple of students, wondering if the missing were just skipping, hating my lectures... or whether they were sick. The students all agreed that it was probably the flu. H1N1 is racing through parts of the WMU population -- they have two dorms for use as quarantine dorms, or students are allowed to go home. Actually, West Michigan has a lot of schools which are closed for 2-3 days because so many students are sick. The bottom of the screen during the news looks like snow storm season with the latest school closings. (grin) Over the weekend one local school forfeited a football game because of the flu -- over 100 out of 300-some students were out at that school.

So now the game begins. Because we're locked into Exam 2 on Tuesday -- but I suspect we'll have a lot of no shows. Maybe people will be able to do a make-up on Thursday, but not everyone is going to have a complete mid-term grade. Can't be helped. Maybe I'll have to declare a forfeit.

C'est la vie.

Dr. Phil