October 23rd, 2009


And Then The Rains Fell... And Fell... And Fell

The Fall Which Is October

They were touting the weather the other day, when it got up to the upper 60s near 70°F, as this year's Indian Summer. Some Indian Summer -- I expect 80s, 90s (was personally betting on near 100°F just because the actual summer never got that warm -- grin).

And it's been raining. Days of rain. Cold rainy days.

Went out driving to do errands in Holland and took 48th Avenue down to Chicago Drive. Wanted to see if the "flats", black earth onion fields by Chicago Drive, were back open. The spring flooding had closed roads for a long time due to washouts. Well, there was a sign which said Water Over Road and the onion fields were busy pumping out gushes of yellow water into the drainage ditches, but no water on the road.

Heading southwest on Chicago Drive was another matter. Years ago they expanded Chicago Drive, then part of M-21, now being relabeled M-121, going from two lanes to divided four lanes. But the westbound lanes were left as the original road, which roughly followed the contours of the land -- and much lower than the built-up flat roads used for the eastbound side.

Somewhere around 72nd Avenue, a cop was parked on the left shoulder, lights flashing, and there were more Water Over Road signs. This time there was water pouring across the highway. Cars were going through barely slowing down and kicking up huge spray. I slowed down, put on the flashers and 4WD, and still probably took it too fast. Lots of spray, but no damage. In town there were several places of partial flooding and standing water -- and fields flooding. Where we live is higher ground, but Holland is definitely in a flooding belt.

I wonder if the Dutch immigrants who settled in Holland MI chose it because it was full of flooded lowlands like their homeland.

Dr. Phil