October 26th, 2009


Weirdly Other Worldly

Over On Second Life

My 2004 Clarion classmate and phenomenally productive author Marjorie M. Liu has an hour-long interview from over on Second Life which is available as a QuickTime video. I've never bothered with Second Life because I didn't feel any burning need to use that much bandwidth, and if I want to watch jerky video, I can always go to YouTube. (grin) But since this is one step removed -- a "tape" of a Second Life interview show, so to speak -- it was worth a gander.

The experience was something like watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex episodes, particular the ones where they have conferences, but not as well done.

Marjorie commented on her blog, "I’ve just been told that I need to take a look because, apparently, I’m...really animated...whatever that means". And she is animated -- the avatars don't just sit there like zombies. So I wonder whether all the physical gestures are something that she did or were automatically done "for her".

(1) Let's make this look more like TV by superimposing captions! (2) I think her avatar looks a lot like Uhuru from Star Trek.

The set placed Marjorie and her interviewer far far away, and their avatars never really interacted with each other. The View or even Larry King Live it ain't.

More humongous spacing between people on the sets -- it's almost as if they don't expect people to interact with each other. I can do that lurking on a blogs.

(She's cuter In Real Life) (grin)

Interesting, But...

Still not all that interested in Second Life. Having seen what really good motion capture CGI video can look like, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, I'm too spoiled by the good stuff to have much patience with clunkier video games or this Second Life stuff. I'll let others ramp up the technology and then I'll check it out in five to ten years when they get it right. (oddly-disturbing-second-life-grin)

But do check out the interview, if for nothing else you can catch up on what Marjorie's been up to -- which is a lot!

Dr. Phil