October 27th, 2009


WindyCon 36

While My Friends Go Off And Play

Quite a number of my real and online friends are off to World Fantasy in San Jose CA -- have fun, kids!

An Upcoming Appearance

Chicagoland's WindyCon 36 will be held at the Westin Hotel in Lombard IL (same as last year), starting on The Friday The Thirteenth Of November Two Thousand and Nine. Why yes, the con's theme is Steampunk -- whatever gave you that idea? (grin)

2004 Clarion classmate and fellow WOTF XXIV'er albogdan Al Bogdan and I will share a room once again -- hell, we'll share the drive from West Michigan to West Chicagoland. (grin)

I had suggested some panels and volunteered to be on them quite early -- a change from my usual last minute queries -- but alas, my early emails got lost somewhere. So I've only two events: one panel and a reading.

   Saturday 6:00pm

          Dr. Phil will be reading from his current work, "Z.P.D. 
          (Zeppelin Police Department)", in honor of the Steampunk theme.
          Note: This isn't in the preliminary schedule online yet. 
          Possibly Walnut room?  Afterwards I'll be heading to dinner at the 
          marvelous Harry Carey's Steakhouse in the Westin -- I'm sure 
          they'd be happy to seat a larger table if you want to join me. (grin)

    Sunday 12:00 Noon-1:00 p.m.

           Junior Ballroom B:  Alternative Technology
           What assumptions are made about steampunk technology?  What is 
           possible from a materials engineering standpoint and what breaks 
           the rules of physics?
           E. Hunt, P.E. Kaldon, H. Spencer, M.Z. Williamson


My panel is the same time as Jim C. Hines' reading. (sigh) Guess I'll just have to go to Jim's book signing and reading tonight at Schuler's Books and Music on Alpine at 7pm. (grin)

This will be my third WindyCon -- 2007 was the last year before they outgrew the Wyndham O'Hare (with its odd divided basement level due to an underground river) and 2008 was the first year at the Westin Lombard (who puts a hotel in the middle of a shopping mall parking lot?). Fun to be in a Chicago crowd instead of a Michigan or Wisconsin crowd. Not better, mind you, just different. (double-edged-grin)

Dr. Phil