November 4th, 2009


More Love For xkcd

How Can Simple Stick Figures Be So Realistic?

Yesterday I posted about a brilliant xkcd web comic. Today I was lurking around the Internet and accidentally found this entry from Chris Robertson which contains a video homage to xkcd number 442, which itself is a homage to a Discovery Channel commercial "I Love The World". (whew!)
Noam Raby animates a song by Olga Nunes with images and lyrics from an XKCD strip by Randall Munroe, and the result is awesomeness.

I Love xkcd from NoamR on Vimeo.

This is so meta I can hardly stand it. (huge grin)

Dr. Phil

Mark Twain Would've Laughed and Laughed

Bill Cosby Part II

Back in September I waxed poetic on the 25th anniversary of The Cosby Show. Tonight, PBS aired 90 minutes of the Kennedy Center Honors Mark Twain Prize For Comedy with the 2009 recipient William Cosby, Ph.D.

The opening with Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock was funny in a very respectful way -- they described running off to see Cosby together at the Apollo Theatre and being floored by two hours of new material and wandering the audience. One of the very few comedy shows I've ever been to live was when Mrs. Dr. Phil and I saw Bill Cosby in the basketball gymnasium at Grand Valley State University. It was a terrific evening and I understood where Seinfeld and Rock were coming from.

Other performers did a good job of telling tales of Cosby, his routines and his generosity as an actor's actor. There were clips I haven't seen in forty years. Such a great talent.

And was that his brother Russell sitting next to Mrs. Cosby? (grin)

Dr. Phil