November 7th, 2009


Bill Cosby Part III

I Almost Forgot

When I posted about the Kennedy Center Honors Mark Twain Prize For Comedy for Bill Cosby the other day, I realized that there were two more things I was going to post about.


When Rita Moreno came out, I immediately flashed to the short-lived series The Cosby Mysteries. As I recall, Bill's character was a police criminalist who retired after winning millions in the lottery. Rita helped him out, because of course the police kept coming back to Bill for his help solving cases.

I think Mrs. Dr. Phil and I were like the only two people who watched this show -- Bill's first after the end of The Cosby Show.


Then they showed quite a number of clips, but two stood out, since I'd just seen a number of them on the 25th Anniversary of The Cosby Show special. One was a clip from like a 1968 Bill Cosby special where he ran into a group of kids playing street football. They were losing to the other kids like 72-6 -- the other team had given them six points because they felt sorry for them. So Bill "joined" their team and came up with a play for them to run. Typical Bill Cosby, talking in a serious tone to kids and telling them outrageous stuff, like going long and waiting in the lobby of their building or taking a bus.

They said the clip hadn't been aired in forty years... and yet I saw it, and so did Mrs. Dr. Phil. We remember it clearly. And Mrs. Dr. Phil was at a conference and didn't see the Kennedy Honors, but as soon as I started describing it, she knew it.

And several people of course referenced Bill Cosby's legendary Noah routine. Towards the end they showed a clip of a very young Bill Cosby doing Noah. It wasn't quite the nuanced performance I'd ever seen -- or the perfectly executed version on the comedy albums -- but it was the genesis of Noah. (grin) A young dark black man shot against a black background, being nothing more than very funny. A legend in the making. A change in the pulse, and the funny bone, of America.

And that, my friends, is why they honored Bill Cosby the other night. All that and more.

Thank you, Bill.

Dr. Phil

Aw Crap -- Who Ordered More Crap?


I guess I let it go too long again. Back on 24 October 2009 I wrote about shoveling through 72 pages of spam on my WMU mail account. That was two weeks ago.

So today I checked the Pure Spam trap and found... 67 pages of spam. And again, I really have to wade through them all to make sure I don't miss something important.


Oh crap I just marked twenty messages and hit the wrong button. The DELIVER MESSAGES button comes first -- and the DELETE MESSAGES comes second. Who the hell came up with this system? In a spam control system, your first choice is to send the messages on? In what alternate universe do these programmers live? And while I'm pissed, what's up with not having an UNDO or CANCEL button?

Second, while they have a button to look over the list of messages you just deleted, there isn't one for the delivery queue. And the 20 messages I have to go and delete in my mail account aren't there yet. They're just waiting for me to finish the session and I log out, I imagine. So rather than deal with my mistake and their bad programming now, I have to remember doing it later. Good, clever, wonderful. Will somebody get a clue-by-four and beat the crap out of the Pure Spam programmers for me?


What's the point of having an unhelpful, unuseful and unreasonable spam screening system -- lately a WHOLE lot of spam has been reaching my WMU account, so despite 67 pages of spam, it should've been 72+ pages.

Spammers? Bastards.

Pure Spam? Epic Fail Bastards.

It all sucks, dammit.

Dr. Phil