November 9th, 2009


Useless Stupid LJ Comment Spam

I Will Not Be Assimilated

Looked at my LJ's View Recent Comments page and found that some asshole targeted this blog for some thirteen comment spams over thirteen of my posts -- lots of links to geisha sluts and teen porn and other savory delights. (NOT) All dated some 7 hours ago. Banned her, marked her as spam, deleted all comments by her.

Go away!

My Apologies

To any of the few human beings who ever actually read my blog, I apologize if you actually ran into this crap.


I've already seen three other cases of blog comment spam on other people's blogs in the last couple of days. LJ themselves said they had a new anti-spam system in place and had cleared out and banned a whole lot of shadow users. I guess they've had some effect -- almost all the other annoying suckass comment spam I've had this LJ came from Anonymous people, who I'd ensnared in the moderation queue and not let you be subject to this crap.

Mostly they've targeted one particular older posting, but not this time.

And my e-mail spam has greatly increased in the last two or three weeks. Wonderful.

Idiots. Useless stupid idiots. I guess you can guess that I am not impressed by this form of bad behavior. (grin)

You may resume your normal, more pleasant perusal of teh Internets. (sigh)

UPDATE: I had to go in and remove each of the thirteen instances. Fortunately, they were all done about the same time, but this is real Whack-a-Mole shit. Could get ugly. If I start moderating ALL comments, you'll know why.

Dr. Phil