November 15th, 2009


WindyCon 36 Part I

Steampunk -- It's All About The Steampunk

James Ballard Smoot was on the first panel I saw on Friday evening. His character is an airship pilot in the Old West. He's also a Maker -- one who makes the lovely steampunk hardware to carry around.

You Never Know What's Getting On The Elevator At A Con

Sure, there was plenty of velvet, leather, bustles, goggles, top hats, canes and personal firearms. But WindyCon is an SF/F convention, so not everything is Steampunk. I was not getting on the elevator with the Dalek. Just sayin'.

The Traditional Blurry Picture Of Jim C. Hines

A nice panel on YA SF/F and Jim C. Hines making poignant comments. The little Sony camera is good, but the flash won't reach that far and with available light, it's a little blurry -- NOT a comment about Jim! (grin)

Lunch With An Old Friend

Fellow NU alum Jeff Karp swung by on Sunday afternoon to say "hi", but wasn't attending WindyCon this year. However, he did treat me to lunch at Harry Caray's/Holy Mackerel. (grin) I gave him a signed copy of WOTF XXIV. (double-grin)

A UCF Meat-Up

Matt, another member of the infamous UCF, had never had a chance to meet any other UCF members in meat space -- until Friday the 13th. It was also his first WindyCon. I think he had a good time.

Other Guest Appearances

Fellow Clarionite and WOTF XXIV winner Al Bogdan was my roommate at the Westin Lombard, and Allen came to my reading on Saturday night -- and both came to Steakpunk in the wonderful Harry Caray's Steakhouse.

More stuff later!

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