December 1st, 2009


Another Unexpected Development

Once Again I Guess I Have To Move One From The Rejection Column To The Win Column

This happened last October 2008, too. And I just on Friday decided to finally move this story to ASSUMED REJECTED status.

But First Day Of The Last Month Of 2009 E-Mail Brings Me:

... a 349-day SALE of "Your First Real Rocket Ship" to Εννέα (Nine).

Dear Mr Kaldon,
We published your story YOUR FIRST REAL ROCKET SHIP in issue #443. 
According to our rates (3 EUROcents per word) your fee for the 
publication rights of the abovementioned story is 44 EUROS.
You will find attached an invoice for the amount of 55 EUROS 
(55 - 11 = 44 - we cover for you a 20% tax).

With the euro at about €1 = $1.50, then €44 = $66. Not bad for a very short story of under 2000 words. (grin) Of course, this means that I will have a second story published in Greek -- and the second time that a story will be available in Greek and not yet in English. (double-language-grin)

Yay -- I was hoping for some more sales to close out 2009. Was definitely NOT expecting this particular sale, so a very pleasant early Christmas present indeed.

Dr. Phil