December 4th, 2009


Zero To Wonderland In Seven Hours


Tuesday 1 December 2009 began with a really nice day. My drive to/fro Kalamazoo went from sunny skies, to overcast, and back again a couple of times. Though we had a light dusting on Thanksgiving, there'd really been no snow in our West Michigan forecast until now.

Got on campus around 11am. The faculty part of Lot 61 has been packed all semester, but usually I don't have to orbit around looking for a spot more than two or three times. Thursday it took fifteen minutes before anyone left. Very slight misting rain at the time. Fast forward to 6pm EST as I was leaving and there was a good inch or so of somewhat wet snow I had to brush off. No attempt at plowing anywhere, so I was 4WD all the way.

Driving sucked. Speeds varied from about 35 to 65 mph on the 70 mph highways, but mostly people weren't being idiots. The temp was near freezing, actually read 32°F on the sign by 84th Street in Grand Rapids. At times the flakes were huge and coming down at a hard rate, so that headlights just turned it all into white glare. There was a trailerless truck cab, a bobtail, mostly keeping pace with me that kept passing me, and without a trailer, it's tires were throwing up a completely blinding spray of water that I kept on wanting to get away from. The downside of water channeling tire technology. All told it was just under two hours to get home.

This Morning

At 2:30 am I marveled at the amount of snow which had built up on our back deck or had formed a cap on our heat pump in the front -- both had 8-12" of snow, but that was more a factor of wind patterns than how much we'd gotten. At 7:55am, the view out of the garage was this:

Mrs. Dr. Phil went to drive off to work, though she considered taking a "snow day" as by 7:40am Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Allendale, Coopersville, etc. schools were all closed. The AWD Bravada got her slowly to the road, but between the rise up to the road, a thick ridge of heavy stuff that a plow had left at the end and the fact that the couple of cars she saw pass were sliding around our road, after not getting through the plow shit on the first or second try, she backed down the driveway and declared a snow day.

I think a call to John Miller to open up our driveway is in order. (grin)

But it's very white and very pretty. (wintry-grin)

Dr. Phil