December 8th, 2009


Glory Days Coming and General Rants #1 and #2

The Good "NU"s

I do believe that my Northwestern University Wildcats finished the season 4th in the Big Ten at 8-4. Which put us in line, not only for a bowl game, but a much better bowl game than say the 6-6 Michigan State Spartans. Michigan Wolverines, you say? Who? Where are they this year? Home for the holidays? (grin)

Anyway, Northwestern will meet the Auburn Tigers, I believe for the first time ever, at the Outback Bowl in Tampa FL, at 11am EST on Friday 1 January 2010, New Year's Day -- the day where God intended big bowl games to be played.

General Rants

Don't get me started on the whole ruination of the bowl game system that the BCS has wrought these last years. I want closure. I want the bowl games to end after New Year's Day. As we wait for this Saturday, 12 December 2009, to see the Grand Valley State University Lakers take on Northwest Missouri State -- and you know this was the matchup everyone wanted -- for the NCAA Division II National Championship in Florence AL, 1pm on ESPN2, I am not going to hold my breath for a real Division I National Championship system.

But more to the point of NU's game on New Year's Day, I would like to point out one of my biggest pet peeves. Now, I dare you to go the homepage of the Outback Bowl site and find exactly WHEN the game is to be on. No, really. I'll wait.

Yeah, somewhere it does say New Year's Day. But the time? Why would you want to know something silly like the bloody time?

While it is probably almost reasonable that at some point during the end of 2009 most people will figure out that 1 January 2010, like 25 December 2009, falls on a Friday, in general most announcements made by most people (and NOT Dr. Phil) manage to omit the day of the week.

Let's think about this -- given the way our schedules are, in any given week the one piece of information that will right off the bat tell you whether you can do or watch some activity is the bloody day of the week. Our work schedules are based on the days of the week. Our class schedules. Our TV shows. Our days of worship. Some of our holidays. Why in the world would nearly everyone routinely NOT put the bloody day of the week? This band will be in concert in your town on 14 April 2010. Quick -- tell me if that's a school night. Idiots. Newspapers, advertisers, promoters, websites, radio stations -- they are all IDIOTS for not telling us that the 14th of April in 2010 is a Wednesday.

It's a little thing, I know, but... Please, I beg of you -- if you have to ever promote an event, make sure you mention the day of the week. It will make everyone so much happier. And doesn't our racing modern recession world need a little bit more happiness?

Oh, and please mention the time, too, if it's not too much trouble. And it isn't, is it? Too much trouble I mean. (double-trouble-grin)

Dr. Phil