December 13th, 2009


Second Place


We were out running around for much of the daylight hours on Saturday -- bright and clear and sunny and warming up to 35°F. Mrs. Dr. Phil was off to the GVSU Fall Commencement as Library faculty -- this was held downtown Grand Rapids in the Van Andel Arena. I spent some 2½ hours at the nearby Ferris Nut and Coffee House, transcribing some notes for the current novel project GRG. When we got back together, we had a pleasant lunch, then did some shopping up at Schuler's Books and Music on Alpine.

While this was going on, starting at 1pm in Florence AL, the NCAA Division II Football Championship began between the Northwest Missouri State Bearcats and the Grand Valley State University Lakers. We got home in the 3rd quarter, after listening to bits and pieces of the game on the radio. Alas, the game did not go our way and GVSU lost 30-23.

Still, second place and being in the Championship game yet again in this decade for GVSU is quite the accomplishment. And we salute you.

If this stuff was easy, everyone would be a winner. And at least in D-II, one can actually say with a playoff system that we know who that team is each year. BCS? You taking notes? No, I didn't think so.

Dr. Phil