December 19th, 2009


The Final Countdown

Ticking Off The End Of Semester Tasks

The Final Exam for PHYS-1060 was back on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Friday, had people coming in to take late Finals and very late Exams 2 or 3. Amazing what studying for a final can do to give a good result in a regular exam. (grin) Maybe I should give the Final Exam first. (evil-grin)

Most of the quizzes processed. I still have a few I have to input into the spreadsheet.

That leaves the papers.

Of Course Now I'm Sick

Everybody else, it seems, came down with H1N1 or whatever during the semester and amazingly I did fine. And now that I've had both seasonal and H1N1 vaccines, now I come down with... well, something. Mainly it's a sore throat, sometimes a dry tickle that makes me cough. Some sinus clogginess, but I've been able to breathe and smell (and taste), so go figure. Haven't felt particularly fevery. Tired and achy from time to time. You know, like when you're sick.

The Final Grind

Friday I got the Finals back from the Scantron center, entered them, put in a curve and then did my "Bad Test Day Rule" magic for those who blew one of the hour exams, but pulled back up for the final.

So what I mainly have left to do is read the hundred and twenty odd science literacy book-or-movie reports. The class roster grading sheet I printed is some 2 pages plus. First objective met and the short page 3 is done. Need to put real damage in page 2 tonight and page 1 on Sunday. Grades are due on Tuesday at noon. Complicating things are that some company is coming in for a day or two. I've bought online tickets to the 3:30pm showing of Avatar in 3D IMAX on Monday for all of us. It should be spectacular, if nothing else. (grin)

Still, I'm pretty happy one to have the one class this semester. It makes all this endgame stuff so much easier.

All this means I'm likely to be scarce for the next couple of days in terms of new long posts.

Dr. Phil