May 11th, 2010

dr-phil-in-person UPDATE

Web Site Updated

Since I set up my website at in early 2008, I intended on keeping it up-to-date and expanding it. Well I kept up with it for a while, but... it got a little out-of-date and I didn't end up with the time for expansion.

Until now.

Today I've loaded in the latest News on the homepage, Publications and have added pages on Readings and... started an FAQ page on my 29th century universe.

Coming Soon

Right now a lot of the links in the Publications page go to entries on this LJ. However, I will have dedicated webpages for each of my stories as I did for the earlier ones. The homepage will be cleaned up and many of the News entries moved to Old News, which will be made easier to use. And a list of Cons attended and upcoming Cons.

And maybe some more free stories. (grin) Enjoy.

Dr. Phil

EDIT: The link to my website was missing (thought available on the sidebar). Oops.

The Library Of Congress Is A National Treasure

"Interesting" Pictures

The Library of Congress has a Flickr photo feed of recent and interesting photos. Thanks to Cindy in Little Rock for the link. I just spent half an hour paging through some 30 pages of pictures. What I saw was dozens of color pictures of women WWII aircraft factory workers, dramatic scenery in Ireland and Norway, railroad and shipyard workers, Abraham Lincoln, Grant's funeral, the RMS Olympic arriving in June 1911, Titanic survivors aboard the Carpathia, Chicago Union Station's main waiting room with glorious sunlight streaming in from the high windows...

I saved a bunch of pictures for making wallpaper.

This was the first picture I saw:

Click on photo to see original size.

The World In Color

There was an old joke that the world used to be in black & white, that color came later. I am always floored by quality color photographs of the WWII era, because so often what we see is in B&W. Sure these shots were staged -- they had to be. Early color film was slow. If these are Kodachrome, then we're talking about ISO 25. But the detail... Please don't take my Kodachrome away!

Wow. Just wow.

Dr. Phil