July 9th, 2010


Nobody Buys Me A Car

Updating Thoughts

The other day I wrote about the Toyota commercial where Emily's friends bought her a new car. Here are a couple of additional thoughts:

(1) As was pointed out on a Facebook comment, car companies seem to think that giving people cars as presents is something that happens all the time, especially at Christmas. Car companies expect you to give people cars.

Yes, but the cars which show up with those big bows are from Lexus and Mercedes. Not quite the same thing as a Toyota Corolla.

I guess if you expect a new luxury car with a bow to show up for Christmas, you are not "my people". (grin)

(2) Every time I see this Toyota commercial, I keep worrying about whether that apartment kitchen is licensed. And carrying designer cakes on mass transit? That just seems crazy to me.

(3) Erica's been "saving for months" to buy a new Corolla. This still drives me nuts. What kind of business plan is it to ship specialty food on mass transit while you wait to afford a new car? I still think that if she's saved anything at all, she should've bought a used car already. And if she hasn't, after "months", saved enough for a reliable used car, then she ain't serious about saving $18,000 or so for a new Corolla.

Hasn't Emily ever seen Ace of Cakes on Food Network? Now that's a cake decorating business. (evil grin)

(4) Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong. Maybe her clients couldn't stand to see her show up in something that isn't a 2010 or 2011 model year. You know, snobs. The kind that would never ride mass transit themselves. Or else she's a snob herself and couldn't be seen dead in a small hatchback, wagon, minivan -- you know, something practical for a business.

Sorry Toyota

I still don't see this as a feel good moment endearing story. Instead, it seems to tell your customers that their car and their friends aren't good enough.

In this economy.

Are they dreaming?

Dr. Phil