July 16th, 2010


The REAL Star Wars Episode I

This Makes Me Happy

Sure, the NYC Subway Star Wars reenactment video is everywhere, so you may've seen it already by now. I'm posting because I like it and it gives me a place to store the link. (grin) Mind you, I finally got around to see it just now -- in the middle of my Physics class' first exam, so I haven't even listened to the video. (!!) But it's still perfect.

What I love is how happy this makes the people riding the subway. The guy sitting next to Princess Leia who looks over to see what book she's reading -- and gets it. The way people start smiling when the storm troopers get on. The fact that these people planned this out so they knew exactly where the doors would be when their subway car stopped so that Darth Vader would be right there on cue as if the NYC subway system was answering to him. And all the people smiling with their digital cameras and cell phone videos. (The Imperial Senate has GOT to hear about the utility of having The People record the Rebellion on personal video devices.)

And I have to believe that Rachel Maddow will have this on her show on MSNBC and it will make her smile, too.

Well done, good people. Well done.

Dr. Phil