August 2nd, 2010


The High Summer of August

Today Was A Mild Summer Day

Pleasant temperatures in the mid-80s. In the next two days the heat and humidity will return, though not nearly the searing sauna which parts south of us, east and west, have endured.


Sundays we take the newspaper down to the kitty room about 11 am and read for a few hours. Today we could fling open the windows and enjoy the breezes and noises of August.

The buzzing of insects, cicada-y things, crickets -- birds of all kinds in the trees. Some bird was raising quite a fuss in the tall weeks about ten feet from where Sam lay in the open window, basking in the sun. But I don't think the alarm was about Sam, who knows nothing about being outside, and who wasn't even looking that way. One little bird flew off, followed by the one who had been complaining and still was in flight.

Even the cars up and down the Warner Street Raceway are mostly muted by the bug noises. Ah, August -- happy summer times.

The High Summer Days
Of August Have Arrived,
It Goes Fast, But Pleasant Enough.

The End Of A Month Of Holidays

August 1st is Swiss Independence Day. A string of independence holidays which have struck my fancy -- Canada Day on July 1st, Independence Day on July 4th, Bastille Day on July 14th.

Dr. Phil