August 16th, 2010


AMC, What In Hell Are You Doing?

So There We Were, Watching A Movie...

It's summer, which means not a lot on television. Actually, I swear in the summer that half our TV watching is Food Network shows. (grin) However, we noticed that AMC was showing Nanny McPhee from 8 to 10:15 tonight. I'd seen part of this one on cable some time ago, and with the sequel coming out, we'd commented that we'd not both seen it all the way through -- and with Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Kelly Macdonald, et al, it was worth a try.


First of all, we had to turn the volume way up for the movie. And then stab at the remote to hit the MUTE button when the commercials BLARED. Come on, guys, that is so bush league. American Movie Classics used to be classy, respectable. But there was far worse to come.

Um, Just What ARE You Advertising?

Then there were these strange ads for something called the Life Coach. Rude, obnoxious and repeated ads endlessly every break -- and then they air a four-minute episode of said Life Coach in the middle of Nanny McPhee? We had the MUTE button pressed down through the covers of the damned remotes, but Seriously. Seriously?

Am I missing the fact that it's summer and the kids might still be up and AMC is showing a children's movie -- and you're putting on all these adult show ads for Mad Men, Rubicon and a four-minute episode of Life Coach? AMC, I think you need to turn in your children's programming card.

Alternately, we came up with a theory that this broadcast of Nanny MacPhee was actually FOR adults, as their pre-lab to Nanny McPhee Returns which is opening this Friday, I guess. Though you can't actually tell because for some reason, AMC's commercials did NOT include any ads for the sequel. Wait, you didn't land the cash cow advertising and instead showed captive ads for all your own shows? AMC? I think you need to fire your advertising sales department.

As For The Movie...

It's rather over the top, in the way that no doubt is made to be attractive to today's brain addled sensory overloaded children, for whom Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music is too boring without some of Harry Potter's joke shop antics and a food fight. Colin Firth's second marriage proposal was better in the original Portuguese in Love, Actually, which also featured Emma Thompson and the lead young boy.

Glad to have seen it all the way through, and I do like Kelly Macdonald, though she doesn't have all that much of a part. Might have to watch Gosford Park again to restore some dignity to my perceptions of English country life. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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