November 2nd, 2010


It's A Beautiful Day In America

Blue Skies Abound Overhead

Don't know about where you are, but here in West Michigan the weather for Election Day is clear blue skies. Cold start, overnight got down to 25°F and high should be in the 40s. But still a beautiful day. They say that rainy days depress voter turnout figures, so no one should have an excuse. Except of course that they will. This morning on WGVU-FM/NPR, they were saying that Kent County (Grand Rapids) expects around 52% turnout, higher than elsewhere in the state, for a midterm election. For the "national" elections as in 2008, it's more like 72%.

Anyway, the weather is beautiful here. I'm on a very early commute schedule, so I'll hit the polling place late in the afternoon, before the five o'clock after work rush.

I Don't Care Who You Vote For, Just Vote

A strange sentiment, perhaps, because I do care who gets elected. But I don't want decisions, including potential tectonic shifts in the halls of powers, to be determined by a minority of voters. We'll never see 100% registration and 100% participation in this country, but this business of taking a hike on the midterms has never made sense to me. The entire House of Representatives and some one-third of the Senate is in play -- that sounds like a national election to me. And then there are all the governors' races, even before we get to state and local offices and ballot proposals. I can just imagine the carping that some people will do in certain districts, both of the R and the D persuasions, only to find out that they didn't bother to vote.

My god, people in this country have lived and died, both in "regular" life and as members of our military, to secure us the rights of the franchise. It seems only fitting to be able to say in nine days to our Veterans that yes we, too, are grateful for your service in giving us our chance to say how we our governed.

And to those who have tried to runs ads or fliers urging this group or that group to not vote or feeding them false information about home ownership rules or "voting on Wednesday" -- I say fie on you and your perversions. Let everyone vote and see how it comes out.

The Best Part Of Election Day?

Well maybe not the best part, but knowing that there'll be no more campaign ads tomorrow... priceless. Now let's see what $4,000,000,000.00+ of campaigning has wrought.

Dr. Phil