December 21st, 2010


The End


Drove into the office on Monday of Grading Week. Though the university will close between Christmas and New Year's and they are threatening very cold temps in the buildings with the new thermostat controls in place, it was surprisingly warm in my office. Yay. I've had years when I was waiting for the grader and it was too cold to think, write or type.

Actually, before I got to the office I stopped at the WMU Parking Office to get a new parking sticker. Yeah, as a part-timer I have to get one of these every semester. Except... the clerk was having trouble getting the right menu item and so snagged a passing uniformed Public Safety officer. Turns out as part of the new part-time instructors union, I get to have a regular parking hang tag. Yay! Actually, it's a GH grad student tag -- the contract was accepted too late for Public Safety to make part-timer hang tags for 2010-2011. But this will be really handy, especially on days when I have to drive a different vehicle.

Meanwhile, my erstwhile grader managed to get the final exams and quizzes 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 into my mailbox. Triple-Yay! Nothing like having the papers back and not gnawing the insides of my cheeks waiting for the grader to show, and also inputting the scores and not having to drag papers home. And have them cluttering the house until January.

Monday Night

I had one old pesky quiz to grade, then curve the final, massage the grades. And found myself ready to input the final grades at 11pm. Usually on a school night we'd be tucking in the kitties downstairs, but with vacations looming, I started right in. Later in the night I posted the grade breakdowns on the class webpage. By the time I went to bed I was totally done for my Fall 2010 class. And it wasn't even 11:58am on Tuesday!!! (grin)


Play! I'm off now. Mrs. Dr. Phil is on vacation this week. So we headed off to Celebration Cinema North to see Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D and Harry Potter 7.1. Reviews coming, but it was a fun afternoon.

Now... writing to do.

Dr. Phil