December 26th, 2010


A Very Pleasant Quiet Christmas

Boxing Day

Christmas is over. Except of course it isn't really over. We have Christmas until Epiphany, as well as Greek and Russian Christmas. Then there's the Christmas-is-a-state-of-mind or Christmas-spirit-lasts-the-whole-year-long set.

No matter.

We had a very pleasant quiet little Christmas here in West Michigan:

Other places got whomped with a White Christmas. Ours was white by virtue of previous snows, but even that wasn't very much.

Mrs. Dr. Phil did get the bows put up this year.

And the dancing Turtle seems to lord over the Christmas team -- is The Turtle Santa's pimp?


Mrs. Dr. Phil and the kitties.

A wee bit of loot.

Sam bravely investigates a Christmas hat.

While Blue settles into the packaging.

A fine dinner of little Cornish hens and trimmings -- Paula Deen's Pumpkin-Pecan pie for dessert. Very much yum.

Hope you and yours are having a pleasant holidays, as we wish the remainder of 2010 "Good riddance!" and hope for a healthy and happy new year.

Dr. Phil