May 7th, 2011


Hail to Hail to the Victors

Well, Not Really

But I did find my first review of "Hail To The Victors". Lois Tilton reviewed the current issue of Abyss & Apex at LocusOnline. And she didn't hate it! (grin)
An exploration of the [human] military mind. Readers will automatically expect that this situation will not end up well, but there are a couple of surprises. The question is whether the situation they find at the end makes sense.

Also, noted that Abyss & Apex's blog entry for the Spring 2011 issue has a nice tagline for the story:

Hail to the Victors - is it really a victory if it's Pyrrhic?

As always, you can jump directly to my story here.

Dr. Phil

What They're Reading In Kandahar

Actually I'm Sure They're Reading Lots Of Things

But Thursday I had an alert on Facebook that I had a Message. Actually, I've gotten a lot of Messages lately, all on two topics from friends and family. So I was surprised to see a new name. And further surprised to find that this came via Afghanistan.

A Staff Sergeant in the US Army Reserves had found a copy of Writers of the Future Volume XXIV and had enjoyed my story "A Man in the Moon". That's nice. And he wanted to know if I would be willing to sign his copy for him. Sure -- always happy to sign a copy, especially to someone serving in uniform, and honored that he'd go to all the trouble from so far away. And finally next month he'll be back home in Allendale MI.

Huh. In one short message we are shown how large -- and how small -- our world really is.

And yes. Damn straight I'll meet the staff sergeant and his 13-year-old son. And sign his book. And probably print out some other stuff.

You can't write this stuff. Not even in Science Fiction.

Dr. Phil