May 9th, 2011


The First Day of Driving For the Next Two Months

Calendar Lies

The WMU calendar says that this is the start of the Summer-I Session. But on the 9th of May, it is hardly summer. The temp may get up to the 70s today. If it does, it'll only be like the fifth day in the 70s this year. Driving south to K-zoo in sunshine this morning, the trees have gone from having the "green moldy" look of the weekend to just about almost being considered to having some leaves. Definitely still spring around here. Not summer.

Gas Surges, Then Drops For Dear Ol' Mom

Gasoline peaked here in Allendale at $4.29.9/gal for regular last week, then started dropping by a few pennies. On Wednesday or Thursday evening, we paid $4.37.9/gal for midgrade -- $72.00 for nearly 16½ gallons. Good thing that we're so worried about the oil companies not making any money these days, otherwise we'd be upset about sending them so much money. But they deserve it! (evil grin)

On Saturday gas dropped to $4.05.9/gal, just in time for Mother's Day, and today it was $4.03.9 for regular and $4.14.9 for midgrade. But I had a 50¢/gal and a 10¢/gal discount coupons from the grocery store, so my effective price was $3.54.9/gal. Yay?

Still a couple weeks until Memorial Day. We'll see what excuse gets coughed up as to why we need to pay more by then.

Dr. Phil