July 16th, 2011


While Atlantis Orbits One More Time...

Past and Present Space Programs

STS-135, currently at the International Space Station, may be winding down the Space Shuttle program, there are many interesting reflections -- and griping -- to be found.

Cracked.com, which I find increasingly has interesting articles, has a piece on seven image groups that will either make you mourn the glory days or inspire future greatness.

And Wired.com has a piece on America's secret space programs.

And NASA's Astronomy Photo of the Day (APOD), has a dramatic pre-launch picture of Atlantis and another of the last approach to the ISS of a Space Shuttle.

As for the previous Space Shuttle mission, STS-134 and Endeavour's swan song... This used to be the best we could do to see a space shuttle docked to the International Space Station -- scroll down to see the video. But now we have Endeavour docked to the ISS taken from a departing Soyuz module. For good measure, here's a shot of Endeavour's last launch from an unusual location -- and its dramatic nighttime landing.

For All The Solemnity Of The Occasion...

In a bit of Facebook humor, someone was spreading, "Wouldn't it be funny if, when the astronauts on the last space shuttle come back to Earth, we all dressed up like apes?" I had to reply, "This is doable. There's a new POTA movie coming out -- surely the Hollywood crowd could come and do a free publicity thing! -- Dr. Phil" (evil grin)

Dr. Phil