September 8th, 2011


Cold, Freezing and Hot

Weather Drop Off

End of last week the temps shot up the 90s again, but it didn't last. Our lows have been in the 40s and 50s -- hell the high on Labor Day was about 62°F. We've had to turn on the furnace twice in the mornings.

Last Night

About 2am I started shivering. Silly me, I attributed it to a cold breeze coming in the open window -- we like sleeping in the cool under blankets. But even with an extra quilt, it took forever to warm back up. Should've realized what was coming, especially with the intestinal rumblings.

So this morning it finally occurred to me to take my temperature. 101.0°F. Yikes -- fever explains everything. Checked with the doctor's office and there is a 24-48 hour intestinal bug going around. Great. I hate getting sick in the summer.

So I'm running pretty low for a day or so. Guess we won't be seeing Contagion tomorrow -- not when we're living it. (grin)

Dr. Phil