September 28th, 2011


A Weird Tale

One Of The Older Titles Undergoes "Change"

Weird Tales is a venerable title, but it's seen a lot of changes even since I've been writing to markets. And somehow I've managed, with only two subs, to hit the transition points. (grin)

In more recent news, last month there was an announcement on the sudden sale and editorial change at Weird Tales. Ann VanderMeer, editor since early 2007 is finishing up an issue, but the new owner/editor Marvin Kaye will have an all new staff and new direction. Seems scary after VanderMeer's several Hugo nominations and one Hugo win. But that's free enterprise for ya.

Of course this news came just two weeks after I got around to making my second sub ever to Weird Tales and first-time to VanderMeer. I suppose this just goes to show that you need to keep after your Invenstory and markets -- or it doesn't actually mean anything. (grin)

So today there was an update on Facebook that Ralan's had a link to a notice freeing all the stories in Weird Tales's submission queue.
To all writers who have submitted work to us and not yet heard back. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to read your manuscript. Alas, this venerable magazine has recently been acquired by a new publisher. And therefore there will be a new Editor-in-Chief: Marvin Kaye. If you have a submission in the electronic submission portal at Weird Tales, your submission should be considered returned to you whether or not you have heard back. All stories sent via snail mail will be returned. Please check back to the website for updated information. (NOTE: currently closed to all submissions until further notice).

Win, Lose Or...

When I first started submitting stories to markets, I thought I'd track responses as wins and losses. But reality is more complicated than that. There are qualified "wins", such as WOTF Honorable Mentions or receiving an encouraging letter or nice critique which don't result in a sale or a publication. And then there's the category of NO CALLS. The very first story I sent out generated this, when the space station story contest I'd submitted to was canceled due to insufficient submissions.

Editorial changes and returning all subs? Outside of my writing skills -- no matter how good that story might be. (grin) This is my ninth NO CALL. Most of them are for markets closing or disappearing, but one was for a whole bin of WOTF submissions that got lost in the USPS system and another was from withdrawing a contest entry after I'd made a pro sale and no longer qualified. That last shows you that even a NO CALL can be a positive sign of progress.

Who knows what the new guidelines for Weird Tales will look like, or whether I'll have any stories suitable for them. We'll see.

Dr. Phil